Ammosexual Loses Leg While Shooting At Explosive Packed Lawnmower (VIDEO)

Apparently making explosive targets with a material known as Tannerite is a thing. That material, according to the manufacturer’s website, creates a water vapor cloud and a loud bang when struck by a bullet. One of the big selling points of Tannerite is that it is not flammable. But it still creates an explosion, which means that if you pack it into some sort of container and then shoot it, it is probably going to blow up the container. Dangerous enough perhaps if the container is a glass bottle or a can. But what if you pack a larger amount of Tannerite into a large container? One man recently found out how dangerous that can be.

On March 19, 32-year-old David Presley, an Atlanta, Georgia area resident, packed an old lawnmower with three pounds of Tannerite and began shooting at it with a rifle. Two of his friends recorded what happened with their cellphones.

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On the video, Presley can be seen shooting at the lawnmower with a semi-automatic rifle, moving towards it as he fires. After getting off multiple shots Presley eventually hits the Tannerite and the lawnmower explodes, sending shrapnel everywhere. One large piece of the mower strikes Presley in the leg. He can be heard yelling, “I blew my leg off!”

Presley’s friends called emergency responders and formed a tourniquet to control bleeding. Presley was taken to a local hospital, and is expected to make a full recovery — except for his left leg, which is gone below the knee.

The Walton County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on the department’s Facebook page. In that post they made this comment:

Yes, it is legal and no, we can’t make people stop doing it. But why, folks, just why?

Why indeed. Target practice, skeet shooting; I get that. But packing a lawnmower with explosives and shooting it to watch it explode? Shouldn’t watching things blow up be something that you grow out of after middle school or high school? Certainly by the time you graduate from college. It’s likely that it’s something that David Presley wishes he had grown out of, and he now has the rest of his life to look down at where his left leg used to be to remind him of his foolishness. At least his head is still attached — he could have blown it off. If only he had used it before he pulled this stunt.

Here’s a report from WXIA (CAUTION: This video is graphic)

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