American Tourist Thwarted Trying To Ship Infant Cadavers From Thailand, And It Gets Way Weirder

No, this is not “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” or “Tales From The Dark Side.” You just can’t beat real life when it comes to tales of the strange and macabre.

An American tourist has been thwarted attempting to ship infant body parts from Thailand, Saturday, but get this – no charges are being filed, and you’ll never (trust me, never!) guess why

Turns out, in Thailand, shipping body parts of unknown children simply isn’t enough to press charges on someone, especially when you come up with the airtight alibi of claiming you don’t remember where you bought them. Oh, friend, but that’s not the half of it. Let’s start from the beginning with this one. Your mind can unravel in horror and disbelief from there.

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Okay, so shipping company DHL stops delivery of packages Saturday in the Pathum Thani province of Thailand, just outside of Bangkok. Those packages contain unidentified body parts of a child, or children, being shipped out of the country by an American tourist.

According to local police, shipping clerks discovered the grisly contents inside three boxes being scanned for delivery. Inside they found internal organs, an infant’s skull, and a few patches of human skin. Each was preserved in plastic bags filled with formaldehyde. A forensics team was then dispatched, but when you find out more you’ll almost wonder why they even bothered.

Why? you may ask. Because this isn’t the first time children’s remains have been discovered in Thailand, and before you go saying, “Oh, children’s remains are found everywhere now and then,” let me just reassure you that this is different.

For example, in 2010, over 2,000 fetuses that had been illegally aborted were discovered and confiscated from a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Apparently, it was the smell of death and decaying flesh that led police to the Phai-nguern Chotinaram temple in the center of the city. Three people were arrested then, including two local morticians. Their charges? Hiding bodies. However, again, when you find out this next bit, you may ask why they even bothered arresting those three people.

I know, you’re thinking, “What in the hell could convince you that such people shouldn’t be arrested?” but that is the wrong question. It’s not whether they should or shouldn’t be arrested so much as, “Why were those three people arrested?” and, “Why did the local authorities dispatch a forensics team to investigate the American’s packages when it’s known that one can buy infant cadavers on the Thai black market?” That’s the case according to CNN, anyway.

Evidently black magic is practiced by some Thais, and the body parts of children are believed to contain supernatural powers when used appropriately by monks and sorcerers. It is believed by some that such items are capable of providing protection and warding off bad luck (unless, I guess, if you’re a kid), as well as provide success for one’s business.

Hey, if you want a lucrative year in the market, it might pay to get a kid’s arm or left ear for safe keeping, just for that little edge on your competitor. (Cue the “it cost me an arm and a leg” jokes.)

Regarding the ugly American, chief of Ban Pongpang station, Police Col. Adisorn Semsawat stated:

“We have talked with an American who was trying to send the parcels to the USA, but we could not press any charges on him and we are not quite sure which laws we can apply to him.”

Local authorities went on to say that the unidentified American claimed that he’d purchased the morbid remains at a nighttime flea market for roughly $100, and that he couldn’t remember where that market was located.

How convenient.

Police, however, claim to be attempting to find the alleged seller of the parcels.

Without finding the seller, it’s difficult to know whether the American tourist could face charges for murder, or simply be let go because purchasing and shipping children’s body parts apparently doesn’t trigger any criminal charges against you in Thailand

As a result, this lovely American with such exquisite taste in souvenirs will be allowed to walk freely away, his name never being released due to never formally receiving charges against him. The U.S. Embassy may have been made aware, and that’s as far as it will likely go.

Sleep well, and believe it, or not. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I guess life is what happens when you’re busy shipping children’s body parts from Thailand.

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