Honey Boo Boo’s Mom: TLC Are Hypocrites For Allowing Duggars To Stay On The Air

Mama June of the cancelled reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is all upset at the recent revelations surrounding Josh Duggar. Is she upset as the mother of a young girl that Josh Duggar is a monster who will go unpunished?

Nope. She’s upset that her show was cancelled after she started dating a convicted child molester, but it appears the Duggars will go on. Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, said:

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I read that the Duggar family said, this happening with their son brought them closer to God and each other. So they’re saying it’s OK to have family touch time? Hell no.

On that Shannon is absolutely right. Incidents of molestation swept under the rug and declared a productive family building exercise boggle the mind. These people obviously live in a deluded world with deluded followers.

On another note, good riddance, Mama June. You got famous for being a crass, overweight redneck with horrible parenting skills. You were cancelled for bringing a child molester into the home you shared with your daughter. You deserve every bit of what you got.

Comparing your rotting oranges with the putrid apples of the Duggars is ridiculous at best, extremely hypocritical and ignorant at worst.

Mama June is deciding whether or not to sue TLC over hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income based on the “You can’t do this to me!” premise. She says that her molester boyfriend never appeared on Honey Boo Boo, therefore she was treated unfairly.

Many would argue that her boyfriend appearing in the life of that little girl at all is reason enough for a network to cancel what was about the most useless show of all time, but clearly June Shannon disagrees.

Rumor has it the Internet is currently searching for someone who cares.

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