Alex Jones: The Orlando Shooting Is A False Flag And Gun Owners Are The Real Victims (VIDEO)

Well, that was fast and sadly predictable.

It’s barely been a day since the shooting in Orlando and the right-wing are already calling it a government “false flag” operation, with Alex Jones proclaiming today that the shooting was a ruse by the government to take away “our freedoms” — which is to say, guns.

“Our Freedoms”

Jones, as I’ve noted before, occupies headspace that is removed from reality, and that may perhaps be me being too generous.

He’s not just wrong. If he were wrong, that’d be correctable. But he goes beyond wrong. He goes beyond not even wrong. English doesn’t have a word to describe just how wrong Jones is most of the time; “heuristics f*cked sideways with a cactus” is a start, but it’s not remotely the whole story.

You can’t just explain why Jones is wrong; no more than you can just explain why a sphere doesn’t have four faces. The method Jones uses to undermine the accepted narrative of reality is one of the most elegant examples of post-modern existentialism on right-wing radio today.

So when Jones says something, it’s going to be filtered through the insane and utterly bollocksed metric he uses to analyze reality. This means that insane and utterly bollocksed results are to be expected. For instance, the proclamations that he issued about America’s enemies on his radio show today.

In the video, which was filmed against a backdrop of rosebushes, Jones blames the government for the “false flag” attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, saying:

Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hordes of radical jihadis in … without checking their passports or visas…they’re allowing them to attack us, so they can then take our freedoms away.

He described Islam as cancer, and as a “civil war religion of destabilization and slavery.” He said that Saudi Arabia is “quarterbacking” radical Islam — a claim that actually comes close to being correct — and that both President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have passed laws that restrict free speech because they don’t want to make “Muslims angry.”

Lastly, he noted that they’re also after your guns. Because of course they are. They always are. Obama’s been after your guns since he got elected 2008, making him the worst and most inefficient tyrant in history. It’s almost like he’s not even trying.

But Jones promises to stand up for our freedom, and he won’t “submit.”

A noble sentiment, but in the full 1:40 speech, Jones never once mentions that the target of the attack was the LGBTQ community. Nor does he say anything about the club having employed a police officer for security, and that it was cops who first engaged the gunman as the initial rampage began.

And there’s a reason for that. See, Jones doesn’t like gay people; he’s afraid the government is turning people gay through chemical warfare, and the United Nations is using gay people to kill off humanity. The bottom line is this: Jones, like every other right-winger and Republican official, doesn’t care who or how many died. He’s interested only in using this to further his own political capital. That they’re grandstanding like they are in the wake of this horrifying shooting is just galling.
Watch the video below:

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