1970’s Alabama History Book Reveals Why Southerners Are Confused About The Civil War Period (IMAGES)

Astonishing passages from an old history book taught students that slaves had it great until ‘Radicals’ ruined everything.

Activist Bree Newsome, who committed a righteous act of rebellion at the end of June by climbing the South Carolina statehouse flagpole and taking down the Confederate battle flag which had been flying at the capitol since 1961, has been very active on Twitter since her arrest.

Newsome has been absolutely vociferous in denouncing the flag and has gotten a lot of backlash from history revisionists from the South who deny the flag is about anything negative like slavery or segregation.

Newsome responded by shaming several Confederate apologists and making the call for mandatory history classes:

The answer to her final question came from Corry Lee Smith who posted passages from what they claim was their 1970’s Alabama History book:

The passages in the book, particularly relating to slavery and the American Civil War, are astonishing.

Suddenly, everything fell into place as I read the highlighted lines.

The book, Alabama: A History for Schools, was written by Charles Grayson Summersell, a history professor at the University of Alabama and revered historian in the south. He published his version of Alabama state history in 1955, and his book was used in Alabama schools according to the tweeter well into the early 1970’s. Based on his other books, which you can view on Amazon by clicking here, it’s important to note Summersell viewed the Confederate army favorably — which explains why his history book is full of historical inaccuracies, whitewashing the causes of the civil war, heavy bias and painting slavery as generally positive.

What isn’t explained is WHY Alabama’s school system allowed slavery to be glossed over and the era rewritten, but, I think we can surmise that since George “The National Guard has to force me to be decent” Wallace was governor at the time it’s obvious that southerners wanted to instill a false sense of pride into young minds. We’re seeing the result of his agenda still today, as flag supporters spew line after line of incorrect or sugar-coated civil war history in order to justify flying the flag that ultimately symbolizes slavery, segregation, rebellion, domestic terrorism and racism.

Okay, brace yourselves, it’s bad:



Slaves were the earliest form of social security and everybody loves social security. It was a dream! The slaves got top-knotch medical treatment, so, you know, they could continue working long, grueling hours doing hard labor for no money.


The slaves were treated so well unlike the people in the union working for money, and the Union was just being libtarded and they MADE Alabama go to war.

Also, sectionalism. The definition of sectionalism is being loyal to ones own interests rather than the general well-being. Because human rights for all in the U.S. went against the south’s general well-being.

I can’t even with this guy!


Poor Alabama being forced to adopt a Constitution written by radicals. Don’t worry though, the KKK came in on their white horses and saved everybody!

Horrifying. This explains so much.

It also makes me wonder if southern English textbooks incorrectly teach when to use “your” and “you’re” too because I have yet to meet a southern conservative on the internet who knows which version to use correctly.

It goes to show, Bree Newsome is on to something with her pleas for correcting incorrect history.

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