14-Year-Old Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock To School, Mistaken For ‘Bomb’ – Guess Why (VIDEO)

How do you live with yourself, America? Really.

A 14-year-old Irving, Texas, freshman was just arrested on campus for bringing a homemade clock to Irving MacArthur High School, which a few teachers say they felt “threatened” by, worrying that it might be a “hoax bomb,” largely because Ahmed Mohamed is Muslim.

Set aside, for the time being, the obvious question as to why one would feel threatened by what is believed to be a hoax bomb. Let’s face it, we Americans have never been a terribly rational people, overall. Critical thinking is nearly dead, here, by and large. Instead, pay attention to the story. That way you’ll be doubly shocked when you learn that authorities blame the boy for his own arrest. Furthermore, now that the cat’s out of the bag that they all overreacted out of ignorant, racist fear, neither the school nor the police are feeling especially apologetic. In fact, they both maintain their positions, and the police are claiming Mohamed could still, ultimately, be charged.

But charged with what? Scaring ignorant Americans for being Sudanese, named Ahmed Mohamed and into electronics? Carrying a homemade clock? Allegedly playing at terrorism? Come on! Face the music that your fear got the best of you, apologize, hope the kid and his family don’t sue your ass off and move on.

Mohamed said of the incident, “I tried making a phone call to my father. They said, ‘You’re in the middle of an interrogation, you can’t have a phone call.” He continued, “I really don’t think it’s fair because I brought something to school that wasn’t a threat to anyone. I didn’t do anything wrong. I just showed my teachers something and I ended up being arrested later that day.”

And that’s no lie. Raw Story writes, “Mohamed was led out of MacArthur High School in handcuffs on Monday afternoon, hours after showing the clock to his engineering teacher as a demonstration of his aptitude for working with electronics.”

Mohamed also showed the clock to his English teacher because it made a ringing noise from inside his backpack during class, to which the English teacher responded, “Well it looks like a bomb. Don’t show it to anyone else.” But then, “she decide[d] to take it from me,” Mohamed said.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Principal Daniel Cummings and a police officer pulled Mohamed out of sixth period and led him to a room where four more cops were waiting for him. One asshole seeking to intimidate the boy said, “Yup. That’s who I thought it was,” despite having never seen Mohamed before.

Continuing the offensive and possibly illegal charade, interrogating a minor without a parent, guardian or legal representative present, local police spokesperson James McLellan stated the boy was less than “forthcoming” during the interrogation about the clock and its purpose. McLellan said Mohamed never gave a “broader explanation” for the clock or why he brought it to school.

Unsatisfied with Mohamed’s responses, McLellan continues to threaten an innocent young boy that he “may still be charged,” stating, “It could reasonably be mistaken as a device if left in a bathroom or under a car.” He added, “The concern was, what was this thing built for? Do we take him into custody?”

What in the actual f*ck, America? How do you expect a vulnerable, confused and scared young boy to act when facing five police officers and his school principal in a private room? What do you mean, “What was this thing built for?” He’s a curious young kid into experimentation and learning, self-motivated and engaged in his own growth and education, and you ask why? What’s his purpose? Would you ask Aretha Franklin why she sings, or George W. Bush why he paints? Would you ask your own child why he or she built a cabin out of Lincoln Logs?

And by the way – five officers? Five? Really? Who were you expecting, Dzhokar Tsarnaev?

Father to the boy, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, stated, “He just wants to invent good things for mankind, but because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated.”

Naturally, this news is disheartening to the North Texas chapter of the Council On American-Islamic Relations, which is currently investigating the matter. Chapter leader Alia Salem said, “This all raises a red flag for us — how Irving’s government entities are operating in the current climate.”

What are we going to do with you, America? Get it together, on the double.

Good grief.

Featured image via KXAS-TV video screen capture

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