Biblical Scholar Confirms Man’s Front Yard Fossil Dates To Noah’s Flood From Photographs Alone (VIDEO)

According to KYXT, a Texas Man has apparently found a fossil that he claims is from Noah’s flood — and a Biblical scholar and self-proclaimed fossil expert says he’s right.

I think the Bible had a warning about the blind leading the blind, didn’t it?

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“When God Destroyed the Earth”

Noah’s flood is a cultural myth. It’s a story, based on a much older fable told by the Sumerians and Babylonians that appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh. According to the Epic, Utnapishtim is tasked by Enki to abandon his worldly positions to build a ship called the Preserver of Life. Utnapishtim’s story echos Noah’s story because Noah’s story is a wholesale pilfering of it.

But nobody told one East Texas man, Wayne Propst, who claims that he found a fossil that dates back to Noah’s flood while laying dirt outside his aunt’s home in Tyler, Texas.

“What’s really interesting to me is we’re talking about the largest catastrophe known to man, the flood that engulfed the entire world,” Propst said. “From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much better can it get.”

“I just take my toothbrush and work on it until we get it,” Wayne’s aunt Sharon Givan said.

Propst ended up calling a self-proclaimed “fossil expert” named Joe Taylor, who, using photographs sent in by Propst, confirmed that the fossils were in fact from the time of Noah, and the type of fossil that Propst found — a snail shell — is rare. Why?

Because Joe is, presumably, the same Joe Taylor who curates the Mt. Blanco Fossil Musuem in Crosbyton, Texas, a creationist museum whose motto is “Digging up the facts of God’s Creation: One fossil at a time.” Clearly a reliable source.

“To think that like he says that we have something in our yard that dated back to when God destroyed the earth. I mean, how much better could anything be,” Givan said.

“Now all I got to do is go in front of my aunt’s house and pick up something from back when it all began. I don’t even have to search anymore,” Propst said.

It goes without saying that the fossils haven’t been independently verified, and may not even exist. Although if they do, they’re almost certainly not from Noah’s Flood.

Watch the video below:

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