Young Child Held By ISIS Executes Two Russian Spies In This Shocking Footage (VIDEO)

A new video has just been released by the terrorist organization ISIS. On the video, shown below, a young boy executes two men who are reportedly Russian spies.

The young boy goes by the name Abdullah. He appeared in a previous propaganda video a few months back, where he claimed he was a child soldier from Kazakhstan. He explains in that video that he is at an ISIS training camp learning Arabic and various military skills. His initiative: To grow up and execute non-believers in the name of the Islamic State.

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The intent of the video appears to be a warning to others:

Those who want to come here and spy should repent to Allah now before it’s too late.

Before the shooting, the two Russian men were given interviews and forced to given confessions. The boy says  that:

I will be the one who slaughters you, oh disbelievers.

It has been known for some time now that there were child fighters being employed through the ranks of the Islamic State, but this is the first time a video has appeared of such a young child carrying out an execution.

The authenticity of the tape has been called into question because no blood or visible injuries are shown after the shooting. That, and ISIS is known for trying to release propaganda to further a message meant to spread hate and fear.

You can watch the incredibly disturbing video here.

H/T: Basekasl Oacska | Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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