You’ll Be Appalled When You See This Father Meet His White Daughter’s Black Boyfriend (VIDEO)

ABC’s What Would You Do showcases racism in real-life situations. In this episode, a father meets his young white daughter’s black boyfriend for the first time. He is not very happy, and the couple storms out, disgusted that dad is such a bigot.

The three are actors in a well-scripted role play. What happens next is unbelievable.

Two women, senior citizens, join the dad in bashing the young man. During the video, they are so upset about the situation they are actually brought to tears.

One of the women says things like “if you’re white, you’re white,” and “they should stay with their own kind.” She repeatedly refers to the young man as “that.”

It’s a truly eye-opening look at something not ripped from the headlines, but an everyday real-life occurrence.

The video is set to start when the bigotry begins. The beginning of the episode shows a man who stands up for the boyfriend, which is just as epic.

WWYD Video shows racism in America is anything but over.

H/T: The WWYD Show | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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