Women Of The View GO OFF Over Russian Election Meddling (VIDEO)

The women on The View have made their own views about Donald Trump abundantly clear in recent months. On Monday, they blasted not only Trump but also the media and politicians who are turning a blind eye to Russia’s interference in the presidential election on behalf of Trump.

Joy Behar slammed Trump for trying to discredit the CIA after they discovered Russia had interfered in the election to help get him elected. She noted that this is the agency that “protects us from foreign invasion” and said Trump’s feud with them puts all Americans “at risk.”

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Whoopie Goldberg said that Trump isn’t even president yet, and already he is fighting with a slew of people, including China and now even our country’s own intelligence community. If you want to bring jobs back, she said, then you need to bring back manufacturing. “You don’t go to Russia,” she said. “‘Cause they don’t do well by their own.”.

Both women slammed Trump and his team’s numerous ties to Russia, including his likely secretary of state pick, Rex W. Tillerson, the chief executive of ExxonMobil, and his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

“Paul Manafort, who used to be his campaign director, he had to quit because of his ties to Russia,” Behar fumed. “I mean, do we have to wait until the hammer and sickle is on the American flag before we stand up to this guy?”

Watch the women of The View lay it all out when it comes Trump and Russia, here:

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