Woman Prays, Instead Of Performing CPR After Boyfriend Smothers 6-Year-Old (VIDEO)

A six-year-old boy is dead and his father has been charged with his murder, in Sarasota, Florida. As if that were not bad enough, the details surrounding his death will make your blood boil.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department, they responded to a home, belonging to James “Rick” Dearman, 31, on Christmas Eve and found paramedics performing CPR on a child. A deputy noticed bruising on the child’s back before he was taken to the hospital — where he was later pronounced dead — and asked Dearman’s live-in girlfriend, Ashley Cole, what happened.

Cole said she and her boyfriend were playing video games when he told his two children (the deceased and his 7-year-old sibling) to go to bed at 7:30 p.m. She claims that the kids were not listening and kept running out of their rooms, so he told them to face the wall.

I can’t imagine why kids would not want to go to sleep on Christmas Eve! Oh, wait…..

After he forced his kids to stare at the wall, Dearman noticed that his youngest child was watching them play video games and became angry. He grabbed his son and put him on the couch and forced him to lie on his side with his face in the cushions. Then the 270-pound bully pinned him with his body. The girlfriend said the child struggled and screamed that he couldn’t breathe, but his father ignored him and they continued their video game. She said he grew silent after about five minutes so the couple went outside to smoke and when they came back in, the little boy was still on the sofa and he wasn’t breathing.

So obviously she performed CPR, right?

The girlfriend told deputies the boy’s lips were blue and he was not breathing, so she “ran to the garage to pray.”

That’s right, instead of performing possible life-saving resuscitation measures, this f*cking imbecile ran into the garage and prayed about it. Apparently she believed that God was going to swoop in and give the child life again.

Her abusive boyfriend, on the other hand, told paramedics that he tried to perform CPR until they arrived, but it wasn’t enough to save him and he died.

Dearman was arrested on Monday on unrelated charges from Georgia of animal abuse. What a winner, he likes to hurt animals and children. On Wednesday, the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department charged him with aggravated child abuse, and the charge was upgraded Thursday to aggravated manslaughter of a child.

What’s worse than all of this is the fact that his 7-year-old sister also saw it happen. She told police,”When Dad squished him, he got dead.” So, not only did he kill one of his kids, he’s probably scarred the other one for life. Thankfully, he is being held in the Sarasota County jail without bond.


Featured image via video screenshot

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