Darren Wilson: Brown Said I Was ‘Too Much Of A P*ssy’ To Shoot (VIDEO)

There’s been much speculation about the emotional state Darren Wilson must have been in when he gunned down Michael Brown. After a hundred days of investigation and hush-hush evidence being presented to a grand jury, Wilson finally spoke out in an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

According to Wilson, after the initial confrontation with Brown, he drew his weapon and aimed it at Brown, telling him:

Get back or I will shoot you.

Wilson then claims Brown said, “You’re too much of a p*ssy to shoot.”

The way the events of that day played out afterwards makes this statement quite the red flag. Was Wilson’s ego and manhood now in question? There’s no doubt that a struggle ensued inside of Wilson’s squad car. He claims that Brown grabbed the top of his gun, causing it to misfire not once but twice.

After the third attempt was successful, grazing Brown’s thumb, he ran from the car.  Wilson then says he got out to give chase.

Why would Darren Wilson, who says Michael Brown was like “Hulk Hogan,” feel the need to continue a confrontation that he says had him rattled and probably not thinking straight without backup? Wilson says he called, “Shots fired, send another car,” over his radio before he decided to chase Brown, so what was the motive behind trying to run down a man stronger than him with what he felt was no option other than deadly force on his side?

He says it was his “training.” He, of course, couldn’t in good conscience let Brown get away, or follow him while waiting for backup. He certainly couldn’t have traded his gun for his taser, and he had no option other than to fire seven rounds altogether into Brown, who was by Wilson’s statement, no less than 30 or 40 feet away when the fatal shots happened. Wilson also adds that Brown reached into his waistband, which seems to be the police go-to whenever an unarmed assailant is shot.

H/T: ABC News  Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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