Wild Riot Over Slow Daiquiri Service Illustrates The Cowardice Of ‘The Ugly ‘Merican’ (VIDEOS)

Much like Jesus, ‘Merica has risen again, and just in time for the Easter holiday.

Some two-dozen people got into a wild brawl in Queens, N.Y., Friday, while waiting in line for daiquiris at a Fat Tuesday the Resorts World Casino. The fracas was captured in several videos scattered below.

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More than 300 thirsty and increasingly impatient patrons of the casino twiddled their thumbs as they waited up to an hour and a half for service at the daiquiri bar, which was still buzzing from its recent grand opening.

But eventually the tension proved too much. After all, people can only take so much, right? Something’s got to give, and someone has to pay.

That’s when the fight broke out, and it wasn’t just your ordinary fight. It was a full-on barroom brawl, complete with barstools swinging in the air like longswords. Chairs were flying across the room. Those who did not wish to become involved in the chaos and receive a stray fist to the eye or a good foot stomping quickly fled. Property was damaged into the thousands.

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The New York Post reports one witness as saying:

Two girls started this whole thing. They came in with their groups. Before you know it, they started looking at each other, they started bumping into each other and then all hell let loose.

Grand Opening Grand Closing #FATTUESDAYSNYC

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Three people out of it all ended up getting arrested, but it is not clear at this time if any of the three turned out to be one or both of the two women the witness above claims started the scuffle.

But here’s the thing about this incident, and so many countless others of equal maturity, integrity, and social sense of consideration, that is most troublesome:

Americans will risk arrest, social unrest, and stigmas on the drop of a hat about darn near anything.

If it’s based in hubris, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or most importantly, if it gets in the way of our expectations for how the world should appropriately revolve around each of us, we’ll beat the snot out of whoever’s next to us if the mood strikes us.

And that “mood” can come out of nowhere. You and I, we’re gasoline, and virtually anything might be the spark from day to day that sets us swinging. Ever seen that old Michael Douglas movie, “Falling Down”? That’s ‘Merica. We’ll go on a rage-fuelled crime spree because traffic was too backed up or because the daiquiri bar is swamped due to its own success, and we need a drink, DAMMIT!

But so few of us are willing to throw down, risk arrest, social stigmas, and civil unrest for what matters – our rights, our health, our homes, our education, our jobs, and retirement.

So few will risk as much to speak truth to power and affect change as will do so because the daiquiri line is slow, or someone gave them a bit of stink-eye.

Sometimes, it’s hard to discern whether that is apathy or cowardice, though as one can see, it can be, at the very least, perversely entertaining. It’s ‘Merica’s car wreck for the gawking. America shows tin shanties of the poorest parts of Africa to its citizens and guaranteed, Africa shows Americans rioting over their daiquiris taking too long.

Meanwhile, we walk around with the arms of Empire up our ass like cocks on a roid rage – king of the roost, just looking for the next chump to prove it on.

H/T: gawker.com | Featured image: via YouTube screengrab

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