White WVU Fans Go Berserk Rioting After Team Wins Big Game, Fox News Silent (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Why is it than when white people go insane and start burning things down after something as meaningless (sorry, sports fans) as a team winning a game, the conservative media either barely reports it at all or, even worse, makes it seem like an innocuous celebration that went just a little too far — but, when black Americans react to serious issues, like an unarmed teen being shot to death, they’re called “thugs” for exercising their Constitutionally protected First Amendment Rights?

After West Virginia University beat Baylor in Morgantown by 41-27 Saturday in a huge upset, fans didn’t just overdo the celebration, they went full-on #WhiteThug — starting fires, pulling down lampposts and causing thousands of dollars in damage.  They even threw beer bottles and rocks at cops, according to reports, yet not one of them was shot!

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Residents documented the disaster on Twitter, sharing photos and videos of the violent rioting:


Contrast this to the starkly different media reaction when residents in Ferguson, MO protested after an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was shot down in the street by St. Louis County Police Officer, Darren Wilson. I seem to recall the words “thug” and “animal” being thrown around rather nonchalantly.

Of course, West Virginia University  doesn’t condone the actions of the students.  WVU president, E. Gordon Gee, called the deplorable behavior  “unacceptable.”

The West Virginia University Police Department chimed in, saying that the “dangerous behavior” had, indeed, spiraled into a full-on “riot.” In a statement released on Twitter, they concluded:

As a result of the dangerous behavior the events were declared riots. The crowds failed to disperse after numerous warning resulting in the use of Pepper Spray and chemical munitions being deployed in order to disperse the crowds and prevent any serious injuries and minimize additional property damage.

The use of the chemical munitions resulted in the dispersal of the various groups of rioters without any serious injuries. Several individuals were arrested under various charges by a number of different law enforcement agencies that responded to requests for Mutual Aid Assistance because of the size and number of crowds engaged in criminal activity.

These #WhiteThugs don’t seem to care much about any of that though:


WVU had a big win on Saturday. The biggest win, however, clearly went to #WhitePrivilege.

Watch the riots for yourself, courtesy of Drew Adkins’ YouTube channel:


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