White Woman Waving Gun Accidentally Kills Herself – Last Words: ‘We’re Ready For Ferguson!’ (VIDEO)

A life is a life and should be respected. Death is no laughing matter; however, it can be difficult at times not to shake your head in wonder and shame, and that seems to be the case here. Already, one more life has been claimed in Ferguson, Missouri, related to the Michael Brown case, but you may be surprised to learn the details.

As the country waits on a piano string for the verdict to be announced later Monday, tension is already sounding a note of discord between the supporters of Michael Brown and the supporters of Officer Darren Wilson. The nation is poised for either peaceful resolution rejoicing in justice served, or amped up for what could turn out to be riots across the nation, and certainly in Ferguson, despite Michael Brown Sr.’s recent request and statement against such retaliatory action.

Alas, the case is now bigger than the Brown family and the citizens of the United States are likely set to take matters into their own hands one way or another regardless of Brown Sr.’s request. There is too much emotion, too much injustice involved, too much history behind the wheels moving this train forward. And it is a trainwreck of circumstances that has led to this first and latest tragedy in the wake of Michael Brown’s murder.

Due to the fears, paranoia and guilt of white America, guns have been flying off the shelves in Ferguson in preparation for the announcement of the verdict.

And let’s face it, considering the presence and statements of the KKK as of late, some of this fervor is a downright ugly enthusiasm for the hopeful opportunity by bigots and hate groups to inflict harm, or even murder upon the African-American community under the guise of self-defense and “justice.” It’s a deplorable situation out there in Ferguson, which is really only a reflection of the nation as a whole. But 26-year-old Becca Campbell and her boyfriend found out the hard way that such dismal enthusiasm can carry an unexpected price.

Enter karma.

In her jovial yearning to utilize her newly purchased firearm, Campbell allegedly accidentally killed herself last weekend. Her last words as she was waving the gun around in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car were:

We’re ready for Ferguson!

Campbell’s boyfriend, driving at the time of the incident, said he became alarmed when Campbell started waving the gun around, which caused a distraction resulting in him rear-ending the car in front of him.

CNN reported:

He told investigators that as they drove late Friday night, the victim waved a gun, jokingly saying the couple were ready for Ferguson, the sources said.

He ducked to get out of the way of the gun and accidentally rear-ended another car. He said the accident caused the gun to go off and she was struck by a bullet in the head, the sources said.

The victim was rushed to a hospital but died.

The incident occurred in a sparse section of downtown St. Louis, near a football stadium. Due to the lack of witnesses in such a location, and the sheer logistics of the boyfriend’s account of what took place, police are still investigating the case. It seems police are questioning whether the gun was really pointed at the driver one moment, causing him to duck, consequently rear-ending another car, and then pointing at Campbell’s head the next, causing her to shoot herself upon impact. Although, one would have to wonder in such a sparsely populated part of town why the boyfriend would choose to commit a murder right behind another car, and then drive into it.

Sad and ugly as the incident is, one almost has to hope the boyfriend did murder her, because that would simply be an isolated incident between two individuals, rather than another symptom of the nation’s overall race problems rippling through the country coming back to bite its citizens in the *ss. However, a man murdering his girlfriend would also be symptomatic of the ever-present war on women in this country.

Either way, United States, accident or murder, “You got issues.”

H/T: gawker.com / (Featured image courtesy of YouTube)

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