White Supremacist Charged In Axe Murder Of Aryan Brotherhood Member (VIDEO)

It seems the Aryan Brotherhood doesn’t just hate minorities anymore – they also hate each other. I guess they really are just filled with a general hate. What their Christmas cards must look like…

A white supremacist was arrested Thursday in Arizona for axe murdering and nearly beheading a fellow member of the Aryan Brotherhood. That’s some brotherhood, eh?

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The murder actually took place earlier in the year, on April 16, but until now 31-year-old Christopher Paul Mason had only been suspected of involvement in the murder of 35-year-old Joshua Calkins. Back then, authorities found Calkins’ mutilated body wrapped in plastic. His hands were tied behind his back and the body had been casually dumped in an alley.

The murder allegedly took place over a robbery. Witnesses say Calkins had robbed Mason’s ex-girlfriend at gunpoint, and that didn’t sit too well with Mason.

According to witnesses, Mason had apparently attacked Calkins with the blunt side of the axe, which could still certainly kill someone, but that witnesses helped Calkins escape the attack. Calkins sealed his fate, however, like a bad horror movie, in deciding to go back to the scene of the altercation at a Glendale apartment in order to retrieve some of his belongings.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t go back to a scene where I’d been attacked by someone with an axe at all, but if I was insane enough to think that was a good idea, you better believe I’d be calling on the escort of a police officer.

Calkins was bound and gagged on sight after returning according to witnesses. Some said it appeared Calkins was pleading with his eyes for help, but it seems no one came to the rescue that time. (Who are such witnesses, anyway? Who hangs around after an axe attack?)

Later, Mason’s braggadocio got the best of him. He told the “witnesses” present that he hit Calkins with the axe 13 times, then beat him with a baseball bat. On second thought, maybe it was an axe handle. Witnesses couldn’t be too sure, according to police.

Authorities also state that Mason told the witnesses that he “almost took this guy’s f*cking head off.”

Now, it looks like Mason will be spending Christmas in the clink on $1 million bond for the murder and kidnapping of one of his very own Aryan “brothers.”

Happy holidays.

You can check out the WFSB-TV coverage below:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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