White People Riot At Ohio State After Winning The National Championship, And Totally Not Racist Fox News Says? (IMAGES/VIDEO)

In case you missed it, the Ohio State Buckeyes won the NCAA National Championship in college football. And, if you watch Fox Newsyou probably missed that there were riots on and around the Ohio State campus, as students “celebrated” the win.

A Twitter user named Austin Hunt has compiled pictures of the scene, like this one, of a reveler who thought it would be fun to set a couch on fire, in the street.

OSU reveler sets couch on fire.


Police responded, as they have done in similar situations lately, with tear gas, pepper spray, military weapons, and riot gear.

Police in riot gear in Columbus, Ohio

Fox News made sure that everyone knew about riots in Ferguson, Missouri, following the Darren Wilson decision, with headlines like this:

Fox News headline on Ferguson

It stands to reason that, since Fox is so “law and order” minded, naturally they would be covering riots over something silly like winning a football game, right? Fox News thinks it’s terrible that black people would go out into the street to protest and loot, because a young, unarmed black man was killed by a police officer. So, it is certainly much more terrible that white people would do similar things following a football game, especially a football game that their team won.

Here’s the Fox News headline about the Ohio State riots:

Fox News headline about Ohio State says nothing about riots

Now, why would Fox News seem to be less concerned about riots over a football game, than riots over a police killing? These tweets might give you the answer.

Ohio State:

Students riot after Ohio State win


Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri

What on earth could be the difference?

Ohio State coverage shows Fox’s true colors once again.

Seriously, it is amazing to read the Fox News story about what happened after the Ohio State win. In the Fox world, where black protesters in Ferguson were “looters,” and “rioters,” the largely white rioters in Columbus are called “revelers.” Here’s an excerpt from the Fox story:

Nearly 90 fires were reported near Ohio State’s campus early Tuesday morning after the Buckeyes won the first national title game in college football’s playoffs, the Columbus Fire Department said. The fires involved trash bins, Dumpsters and couches, and no injuries were reported, according to spokeswoman Battalion Chief Tracy Smith. Smith says the 89 reports started coming in just before 1 a.m. with the last reported about 4:45 a.m. Police made a handful of arrests early Tuesday after using tear gas and pepper spray to disperse some Ohio State students and football fans following the Buckeyes’ win.

Apparently those fires just started themselves, at least as far as Fox is concerned. They also make no mention that police on the scene were wearing riot gear. I guess because that would mean that Fox News would have to call it what it was: a riot.

In contrast, NBC News opens their coverage with this sentence:

“Police in riot gear used tear gas to break up crowds in Columbus, Ohio, early Tuesday after Ohio State beat Oregon to win the college football championship.”

Fox offers no video to accompany the story on their website. Here’s how NBC reported this story:

Image courtesy of Jeremy Pelzer via Twitter

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