White Dad Calls Out Racists For Bullying His Adopted African- American Daughter (VIDEO)

A father from Minnesota became afraid for his daughter’s safety when he discovered she had been bullied by class-mates on Snapchat.

His fears are very real.  In the video he talks about some very good friends who had lost a child to suicide only a week-and-a-half earlier.  At 13, the boy took his own life because he was being bullied.

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He can’t imagine why these kids would be targeting his little girl.

The reason is straight-up racism.  While this loving father is white, his adopted daughter is African-American.  He plays the Snapchat post where the bullies can be heard calling his daughter a “slut” and a “n*gger.”

Disgusted, the dad, whose name is Brad, decided to get the police involved.  The police put Brad in contact with the bullies’ father to try and resolve the issue.  After several conversations where the racist bullies’ racist father told him he was crazy and that there was nothing wrong with that word, Brad said some things he “can’t repeat in this video” and hung up.   The father of ignorance left Brad a voicemail.  What he said will disgust you:

Brad…I guess you’re a n*gger lover.  Call me back.

Irate, as anyone in Brad’s position would be, he called the man back and told him that yes, he was an “N” lover:

I have a beautiful African-American daughter who I love more than anything.

After a few more choice words he hung up on the bigot, who started calling him.  He left another voicemail, calling Brad a “fag” and telling him to grow up.

Brad is beside himself.  He can’t understand how people could possibly be so cruel.

He’s not alone.

Watch the video Brad posted, as he promised the ignorant racist he would, which is in the early stages of going viral.  Deservedly so.

Extremely powerful video of a white dad defending his adopted African-American daughter from a pair of bullies and their father.


Featured Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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