‘When Your Friend Becomes A Hashtag’: The Tragic Death Of Corey Jones Hits Home For This Activist (VIDEO)

By all accounts, Corey Jones was a gentle soul. An educated and extremely talented man whose devotion to his church and community was unparalleled, Jones was an unlikely victim of a disturbing trend. When his vehicle broke down on the offramp to a white neighborhood, a local cop in an unmarked car and plain clothes ultimately ended Jones’ life.

Details of the shooting are sketchy, but police have said that the officer involved fired five rounds in two salvos at Jones, three during the initial confrontation, and two while he was running away.

Two while he was running away.

It’s difficult to speculate how this incident could possibly have escalated to Jones being killed. Jones was a peaceful man with no criminal record, whose friends and family say didn’t have a violent bone in his body. Police say he was armed. While he was licenced to carry, friends and family say they don’t believe he even owned a weapon. Weapon, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a firearm. As Shaun King of Daily KOS and Black Lives Matter put it, his weapon could have been “being black.”

Talk show host and activist Benjamin Dixon, who is also a contributing writer for ifyouonlynews.com, has been devastated over the loss of his friend. He released a video segment with his latest podcast titled “When Your Friend Becomes A Hashtag,” an introspective look at how a tragedy like the killing of Corey Jones impacts those who knew and loved him.

“No matter what story they have to concoct to get this police officer off,” Dixon said, “when you know somebody, you know them.” Dixon’s description of Jones is right in line with that of other family and friends. “He was a young guy starting his life out, doing everything right,” said Dixon, “in church every Sunday, doing all of the things that the system says you should do, and that still did not stop the police from killing him.”

Dixon says the only reason Jones would have been holding any kind of a weapon would have been to defend himself if he felt his life was in danger.

A protest is scheduled for Thursday at the Palm Beach Gardens Police department.

Watch Benjamin Dixon’s heart-wrenching “When Your Friend Becomes A Hashtag” video below:

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