What The Huck? Mike Huckabee Weighs In On Democratic Debate With More Sh*t Than A Sewer Pipe (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, Republican presidential candidate and snake oil salesman must somehow be related to a sewer pipe. Because just like that sewer pipe, he opens his mouth, and crap flows out. Such was the case during Huckabee’s visit with the boyish Tucker Carlson on the December 20 edition of the morning show, “Fox and Friends.”

Carlson had Huckabee on to talk about all the very bad no good scary stuff heard at the Democratic debate on Saturday night. Except that anybody who uses their brain for more than reminding themselves to breathe wouldn’t have heard any scary stuff from candidates Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley at all. But since the bulk of the Fox audience almost certainly didn’t watch the debate, Huckabee had to tell them all about the Democrats’ bad ideas, with a little bit of poking fun at Hillary thrown in for good measure.

The conversation starts with Carlson and Huckabee talking about stagnant wages. Of course Carlson knows whose fault that is: Obama! After the obligatory (and inaccurate) shot at the current president, Huckabee corrects Carlson a bit, saying that wages have been stagnant for 40 years. But then he says that the reason wages have been stagnant is “largely because of the very same policies that Bernie Sanders keeps pushing.”

Interesting. Because over the past 40 years, the White House has been occupied by Republicans for 22 years, and Democrats for 18 years. Furthermore, Republicans controlled one or both houses of congress for 11 of  those 18 years of Democratic presidents. And during the years when Democrats controlled congress with a Republican president, they never had enough seats in both chambers to override a presidential veto. So blaming Democratic policies for wage stagnation is fail number one.

Huckabee rolls on:

The craziness of the left is if we just keep raising taxes, everybody is going to be more prosperous.

He follows that with a list of bad things, such as job losses, that he claims happens when tax rates are high. He needs to have a look at this table:

Data via Bureau Of Labor Statistics and Tax Policy Center

Data via Bureau Of Labor Statistics and Tax Policy Center

Of course there are other factors besides the tax rate that have an influence on unemployment, but that data, going back almost 65 years, shows that Huckabee’s claim that high taxes cause “capital flight and job losses” has never been true.

Huckabee follows that nonsense with even more. He calls for a consumption tax, which he claims will keep workers from moving into higher tax brackets as their salaries increase (after he just finished saying that wages are stagnant and people aren’t making more money). But just last April, Forbes, certainly no liberal publication, said that a consumption tax was not only bad for America, but that it would be “worse for America’s small businesses.”

Consumption taxes actually drive down consumption of non-essentials, and they are terribly regressive. If a person making $50,000 a year spends $30,000, and pays a ten percent consumption tax on that $30,000, he will pay $3000 in tax, or six percent of his total income. If another person making $100,000 a year spends $30,000 and pays that same consumption tax, he winds up paying only three percent of his total income. And you thought the rich were getting richer now.

OK, so much for economics. After a few shots at Hillary’s support for President Obama’s ISIS strategy, without really mentioning what exactly is wrong with it, the conversation moves to guns. Carlson finds it amusing that  Hillary would say that “guns don’t make you safer, when she has spent most of her life surrounded by men with guns.” Except that those men with guns are trained to take a bullet for the person they are protecting if necessary, which isn’t exactly what the NRA has in mind with its “good guy with a gun” slogan.

If Carlson and Huckabee can’t tell the difference between a trained state police or secret service bodyguard, and some yoho who just went out and strapped on a pistol with no education or training on how to use it, then it would be a waste of time and space to try and explain it here any more than I just did.

Here’s Carlson’s chat with the “Huckster,” via Fox News:

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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