What The Fox? Fox ‘News’ Apologizes On Air For Lying About Muslims Taking Over Europe (VIDEOS)

Sit down before you read this. Fox News has formally apologized on air for lies that Fox News hosts and guests told.

In case you missed it, a little over a week ago, a guest on Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show claimed that the city of Birmingham, UK, had been totally taken over by Muslims, and that there were Muslim religious police in London who beat people not dressed in Islamic garb. Those comments caused British Prime Minister David Cameron to say that the guest, Steven Emerson, was “clearly an idiot.”

But that wasn’t the only instance of a Fox show offering up blatant lies about Europe and Muslims. The topic has received attention from a succession of Fox News shows.

According to Mediaite, a French tv show, Le Petit Journal, started an email campaign to Fox News vice president Michael Clemente. The host, Yann Barthès, asked his viewers to demand an apology from Clemente, for the statements of what he called “two Fox News clowns.” Would it surprise you to learn that the “clowns” were Elisabeth Hasselbeck and a guest from Fox and Friends?

Here’s how the Fox stories got treated by Le Petit Journal, complete with loads of laughter from the audience.


Is Fox News finally embarrassed about their lies?

On Saturday, Fox News apologized for the remarks. They made those apologies on four Fox News shows in a row. Apparently, now that conservatives love the French, after President Obama didn’t go to Paris for the Charlie Hebdo memorial (which he would have been criticized for by Fox News had he gone), Fox News has been embarrassed by France and Britain into offering these apologies.

So, has Fox News finally developed a bit of responsibility about their “journalism?” Maybe. But consider this. They spent minutes on various shows, spinning these lies to their audience. The apologies? They took less than a minute on the shows where they were offered. How many low information Fox News viewers saw the nonsense, and missed the apology? And how many of them spread the lies by sharing the BS from Fox through social media? This is another example of the time honored conservative tactic of throwing a bunch of crap against the wall, and seeing what sticks. This time, it was more than just the “so called liberal media” in the U.S. who called them out.

Here’s video of two of the Fox apologies:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF0fyXX_s2o]

H/T Addicting Info | Image via Le Petit Journal

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