We Know The Obamas Are Cool, But This Video Proves That Michelle Is THE Coolest FLOTUS Ever (VIDEO)

OK, we know that Barack Obama is one of the coolest guys to ever occupy the White House, but he has some competition for that title: Bill Clinton and JFK come to mind immediately. But when it comes to First Ladies, our current FLOTUS wins the coolness award hands down. And in case there’s anybody who is still not sure about that, this new music video should prove it.

The website College Humor has created a new music video to encourage high school students to go to college after they graduate. The rap video stars Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah, with major help from Michelle Obama. The First Lady raps, dances, and is just generally awesome. When is she NOT awesome?

Obama’s participation in this music video is a continuation of her initiative to get more high school students interested in attending college. Earlier this fall, FLOTUS announced the opening of a new site, BetterMakeRoom.org. That site is a “clearing house” of sorts where students between the ages of 14 and 19 can go to get information about applying to college, taking the SAT, and other things that they need to know to make the move towards a college education.

So, if you need confirmation that Michelle Obama is perhaps the coolest FLOTUS in history (or at least since Eleanor Roosevelt), check out the video:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1yAOK0nSb0?rel=0]

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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