WATCH: Womanizing Cop Caught Feeling On Woman, Arrests Guy Who Tries To Film It (VIDEO)

Jason Disisto and a few of his buddies were just hanging out on a sidewalk last March, when they witnessed Officer Jonathan Munoz walk up to a female friend of his and begin touching her, going so far as to place his hands inside  her sweater. Now, while the incident happened more than a year ago, the surveillance video of this, captured from 3 different cameras, is just now being released.

Disisto doesn’t like what he is seeing, so he tells the officers he is going to film it. As soon as he tries to start filming, the officer, along with another officer, that arrived on the scene, Edwin Flores, attack Disisto and then arrest him.

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In a police report, the officers claim that “Disisto lunged at us” and “attempted to punch us with a closed fist.”

Not only does the video clearly show this is a blatant lie, but at the end of the video one of the officers throws Disisto’s cell phone out of their police car, before driving away. This is destruction of personal property.

A year has passed since the incident, and while this video is only now being released, nothing seems to have been done yet about the NYPD officers in the film violating this man’s rights, who was only trying to keep an officer from feeling all over an innocent young woman.

Watch here:

 Featured Image: screen capture

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