WATCH: Woman Who Can’t Tell Time Blames Parking Attendant, Goes Off On Racist Tirade (VIDEO)

We’ve probably all had it happen. In a parking garage, at a meter, in a timed parking zone; sometimes you just can’t get back to your car in time, and sometimes it costs you some money. Parking attendants are used to it. If you’re a few minutes late and it costs you an hour of parking, you’re gonna be frustrated, and you’re probably gonna vent.

“That’s not fair,” “what a crock of sh*t,” “Are you kidding me, fifteen bucks?” These are the kinds of things you might say or might expect someone to say just before the attendant tells you “I’m sorry, the computer scans your ticket and tells me what to charge.”

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You say, “I know, but what a ripoff,” pay the money and leave.

This woman, whose own tardiness cost her a little bit of cash, decided the best course of action was to berate the attendant for having a job that was beneath her, for having an accent, for being an immigrant, and for being anything but the entitled white bigot that she is.

What’s wrong with America? This.

Watch this irresponsible woman blame a parking attendant because she was late picking up her car.


Featured image: screen capture

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