WATCH: Whistlebowing Ex-Baltimore Cop Shows The Price He Paid For Threatening The Blue Code Of Silence (VIDEO)

Officer Joe Crystal was a “rising star” in the Baltimore Police Department at one time. Then he made what some might call a huge mistake. He did the right thing and reported not one, but two fellow officers for viciously beating a handcuffed suspect. That was pretty much the beginning of the end of his meteoric rise, and eventually that act of bravery would end his career in the Baltimore Police Department.

When Crystal reported the crime, everything changed as he describes it.  And it wasn’t that Joe didn’t get invited to happy hour after the shift or other officers took the jelly doughnut once reserved for him.  He would call for back-up, none would arrive. He would be shuffled around from department to department so much he got to a point where he had no idea where he was supposed to show up. And when he did, he was shuffled somewhere else. Dead and diseased rats were placed on his belongings. And so much more until he found himself on the outside looking in.

Watch Officer Crystal describe his ordeals HERE:

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