WATCH: What This Jerk McDonald’s Employee Does To This Homeless Person Is Disgusting (VIDEO)

The attitude towards homeless people in America is turning exceedingly foul, and this video of a McDonald’s employee intentionally mistreating one is a shameful example of it.

The McDonald’s employee calls to the homeless person “Willy,” luring him with the promise of a free sandwich. What he does when he gets close, as onlookers laugh and record it, should get him fired.

Homeless people are being looked upon by society as something other than people. There is legislation in place in many cities and counties to make it certain that these people end up in prison, by making it illegal for them to rest in public areas or ask people for money. Some areas have even gone so far as to make it illegal for someone to give a homeless person food. A few cities even have a policy of rounding up homeless people and forcing them onto buses, to be shipped outside of the city limits and dumped there. What the hell is happening to our society? 

The video of the McDonald’s employee is going viral, with a great deal of negativity towards the employee for his treatment of this poor individual.

Video Comments. Youtube screen capture

Video Comments. Youtube screen capture

They are 100 percent right. It is time for people who mistreat the homeless, like they are there only for our amusement or for us to brutalize, to be held accountable. Share this and help have this person answer for their cruelty.

Watch the sickening video of the incident below:


Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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