Watch What Happens When A Cop Allegedly Forces A Woman To Stay In A Hot Car (VIDEO)

A woman in Strongsville, Ohio, had the nerve to complain about a police officer after he caught her leaving her dog locked in a hot car in a supermarket parking lot.

On April 12, it was over 90 degrees in Strongsville and the police were called to the parking lot after customers had noticed that the dog had been locked in the car for what the dog’s owner, Shelly Nicholas, claimed was 10 minutes.

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The dog was apparently fine but the cop had a unique way of addressing the situation. First, he showed Nicholas a chart that said within 10 minutes, the temperature in the car would reach 114 degrees.

Here’s a similar chart:

Heat chart via

Heat chart via

Not only did Nicholas not have any remorse, she began laughing. So, according to Nicholas, the officer had her, her boyfriend and her son sit in the car with the windows up while he wrote up the ticket.

Nicholas was so unhappy that the officer allegedly treated her in the same way as she treated her dog that she wrote up a complaint to the police department, calling the officer (ironically) abusive, and she called a local news channel. Unfortunately for her, it was caught on lapel cam.

Here’s the video, which only shows a suggestion, not her actually being forced to sit in the car:

One state — Tennessee — fortunately, is getting proactive about the epidemic of people leaving dogs in cars. As of Wednesday, a law went into effect that allows good Samaritans to rescue dogs from hot cars with no repercussions, as long as the response is considered “reasonable.”

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture

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