Watch: Video Shows Officer Gun Down 12-Year-Old Cleveland Boy In Cold Blood

Don’t think, don’t talk – just shoot.


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Pull the trigger – Boom! Boom!

Another black child dead at the hands of “peace officers.”

Tamir Rice, 12-years-old, playing with a BB gun.

The justice system is the broken arm of a racist country’s turntable, and no one digs the music.

It’s they’re “training.”

The record skips and no one’s changing the needle.

Don’t think. Don’t talk.

Just shoot.

Ohio police walk free. Live free. Breathe sighs of relief.

Close call.

Close call, Cleveland PD.

The video shows it all.


Twelve-year-old Rice playing by the picnic tables when police pull up in a patrol car.

Don’t think, don’t talk – just shoot.

Just that fast they gun him down. They stop, leap out, and the boy is down, dead on the ground.

Twelve-years-old, playing with a BB gun.

Reports indicate a “man” with a gun, “pointing it at people,” but the caller insists that it is a toy.

Don’t think, don’t talk – just shoot.

Echoes of Walmart.

It’s all in the video, in the silence of the video.

Twenty-six-year-old rookie with a gun, Officer Timothy Loehman – Boom! Boom! – asserts yelling three times – 1, 2, 3 – “Put your hands up!”

Put your hands up!


One, two, three.

Three times he claims yelling.

Pull up, jump from the car – Boom! Boom!

Twelve-years-old, playing with a BB gun – shot dead by “peace officers.”

From 10 feet away, Rice is killed by Loehman sh*tting himself over a child with a toy gun, ducking behind the car. Boom! Boom!

Partner 46-year-old Frank Garmback fresh out of the car, standing there.

And it’s over, just like that – 1, 2, 3.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba to the rescue, makes the same old claims.

Officers were “not notified” Rice held a toy, despite the claims of the caller.

Footage should not indicate blame.

Are you going to believe the police looking out for the police, or “your lying eyes?”

Boom! Boom!


This is not an effort to exonerate, it’s not an effort to show the public that anybody did anything wrong.

Twelve-year-old boy with a toy. Dead.

Boom! Boom!

One, two, three.


This is a tragic event.

Whether officers will be charged in Rice’s death will be up to a grand jury.

Echoes of Ferguson.

Echoes of NYC, of Florida, of Florida. Echoes of Mississippi.

It’s time to fix the needle, replace the arm. Time for a change in music.

Time to think.

Time to talk.

Time to make time, take time – before you shoot.

Time for change.

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