Watch: Tough Guy Cop Slams 115Lb Teenage Girl To The Floor, Knocks Out Her Teeth (VIDEO)

Colorado Springs officer, Tyler Walker, 29, is the epitome of tough guy. With his big bad badge and his gun at his side, he proved what kind of damage he can do to a menacing 18-year-old drunk girl –all of 115 pounds and handcuffed– when he slammed her to the ground with enough force to knock out two teeth. She’s currently suing the department for her injuries, which include the teeth plus a head injury and trauma to the jaw.

After police arrested her boyfriend at their home, Alexis Acker, 18, became belligerent, which in police language earns you a jail cell. The police report said she assaulted an officer and resisted arrest; the go-to charges for anyone who isn’t completely docile in the presence of someone as important as a police officer. Walker decided to take her to the hospital due to her intoxication level and that’s where the video came from.

You can clearly see Walker very forcefully push Acker into a chair. Acker, still handcuffed, kicks at Walker, who then slams her to the floor with a ridiculous amount of, what can only can be called, excessive force.

Reports on the incident say Walker sustained a knee injury from the kick “to the groin area.” Not to worry, he was counseled on his victim’s rights by a CSPD detective.

Acker was charged with five offenses, including two felony assault on a police officer charges. According to her criminal attorney, Acker has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of a police officer and felony menacing, with a deferred sentence for the felony.

Apparently the department isn’t too insistent on pushing the assault on the tough guy charges.

Watch this tough guy cop slam an 18-year-old girl to the floor, knocking out 2 of her teeth:

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