WATCH: Those Still ‘Defending’ Malheur Refuge GIDDY About Dying For Their ‘Cause’ (VIDEO)

David Fry, the ISIS supporter and self-proclaimed IT guy who joined the Bundy Terrorists in Oregon recorded this disturbing “last stand” video. After the ringleaders of the occupation were arrested and spokesman LaVoy Finicum was killed Tuesday night, Fry says most of the terrorists “turned tail and ran.”

Of course they did.

Fry also states his utter disappointment that other “militiamen” didn’t show up to “die for the cause,” which seems to be to protect and defend a piece of property in a remote forest that they don’t own and nobody asked them to “reclaim” for the good of the locals.

All of the women and children have been evacuated and the refuge is completely surrounded. There are but a handful of lunatics still holed up inside a maintenance garage, all of whom declare — on this video, that they intend to die there.

These people are what the conservative base has bred. Hopefully, others like them learn from their stupidity.

WATCH chilling video of just how insane right-wing terrorists are below:

Featured image via screen capture

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