WATCH: Thom Hartmann DESTROYS Ammosexual In Blistering 4 Minute Takedown (VIDEO)

Thom Hartmann had the fortunate luck to take a call from an ill-prepared ammosexual named Kyle, on his radio show on Oct, 2nd 2015. Kyle called in to argue his opinion that it is perfectly ok for US Citizens, living in America, not Iraq, to own weapons of war. The call was taken during a portion of Thom’s show that he did about the recent Mass Shooting at at UCC Oregon.

Ever since the Oregon shooting, we have had the same old responses from Republicans and Ammosexuals. Blame the victims, mental health, more guns, and some vague talk about what peoples’ rights are in America. However, there have been absolutely zero plans from Republicans on how to prevent this, outside of more guns of course.

Thom, being the brilliant progressive that he is, did not let Kyle get away with using the standard Right Wing talking points, before thoroughly exposing the lunacy of  his opinion then shaming him heavily for having it.

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This is not a mental health issue Kyle. There are people who are mentally ill in the United Kingdom and they don’t do mass murders like this

Source: The Thom Hartmann Program

Don’t worry! Thom didn’t stop there. He pushed Kyle more about why one needs to own weapons of war as a person living in the United States. Kyle started stuttering and had problems coming up with any more “logical” reasons why he owns his own personal arsenal.

Oh and did we mention Kyle sleeps with his gun? No really, he admits it in the video.

Watch the absolutely blistering takedown below:

“I would suggest you look in the dictionary for the word ‘Compensation.'”  – Ouch.

Featured image via Youtube screen capture

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