WATCH: This Walmart Manager Gets Knocked Out Cold For Racism, Disrespecting A Veteran (VIDEO)

This veteran isn’t happy with his boss. He apparently considers him to be not only unappreciative and elitist, but racist as well.

Walmart doesn’t exactly have a great reputation for its treatment of employees, and has been called out for racism in the past. This manager doesn’t say anything (audibly) racist on this video, but nobody seems to want to dispute it when he’s called out on it.

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This whole situation seems like it could have been avoided. A manager who is good at his job would probably have walked away and let tensions settle before addressing the situation. not this guy. Notably smaller and walking with a limp, he continues to goad his subordinate, even after the employee states that he’s not interested in violence. He gets several final warnings to “get out of my face” by the veteran, but he instead opts to put down his drink as though he’s preparing for a fight.

Big mistake. He gets knocked out, the employee tosses his name badge and quits and the incident is over.

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Watch this Walmart manager get knocked out cold by an employee for racism and disrespect.

Featured image via screen capture

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