WATCH: This Video Explains How Conservatives Are Turning Canada Into A Sh*thole Too (VIDEO)

Ever since a number of Americans who objected to the Vietnam War moved to Canada to escape the draft, moving to our friendly northern neighbor has been a popular threat. Both right and left have issued it when things in America aren’t going the way that some of them would like. Recently, the threat has been revived by some thanks to the candidacy of Donald Trump. But a new video explains to Americans why they may want to reconsider.

Most Americans don’t have a clue about Canadian politics. But those who do probably remember that in bygone days, Canadian conservatives such as former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney were largely like American conservative Democrats. In other words, pains in the ass, but overall largely harmless. However, like in the U.S., Canadian conservatives have moved far to the right of sanity.

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That is the position being staked out by current conservative, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his Party.

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A brilliant video from AJ+ explains to Americans just what is going on in the great white north, and it’s not good. Canada may have sent us Ted Cruz, but they have kept plenty of crazy for themselves. According to the narrator, Harper’s major issue in the campaign isn’t the economy, jobs, or the like. It’s whether Muslim women should be allowed to wear the niqab, the cloth that covers a woman’s face, when they take the oath of Canadian citizenship.

And lest you think that this is being stirred up in order to attract fringe voters, the video informs viewers that 82 percent of Canadians agree with Harper.

And, like Americans, Canadians are apparently not paying attention. The video informs viewers that only two percent of Canadian Muslim women wear the niqab.
So if you’re like many of us, having at one time or another said “Screw this, I’m moving to Canada!” you might want to reconsider. It seems that American politicians have not cornered the market on crazy.

Here’s the video, via AJ+:

Featured image via AJ+ screen capture

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