WATCH: This Teabagger’s Racist Chant At A Kindergarten Concert Gets Him Booted (VIDEO)

Iowa, home to this year’s “Tea Party Freedom Summit,” has seen a change in the diversity of its population in recent years.  The small town of Perry, population less than 8,000, had a Kindergarten class last year that was 50% Latino.

Being as such, this year’s Kindergarten concert opened with introductions as usual, followed by an interpreter to translate into Spanish. As the interpreter began speaking, a racist teabagger began chanting one of the party platform favorites, “English only, USA,” over and over again.

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A man filming the concert turned his camera on the bigot as the crowd booed him and school officials had him removed from the auditorium.

One parent, upset about how this incident would affect the children, told local news station KCCI:

All they look at, when they’re up there, is those are their friends.

The Superintendent of Schools expressed his pride for the school officials who handled the incident quickly and gracefully.

One man in the audience summed up the incident perfectly.  Towards the end of the video you can hear him say “‘Murica.”


Watch this racist Teabagger make a fool of himself in front of kindergarten kids at their annual concert.

H/T: Reverb Press | Image: Screen Capture

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