WATCH This Obnoxious Bully Get Taken Down TWICE After Refusing To Leave Guy Alone (VIDEO)

It’s probably not the best thing to get drunk after a night out on the town and think you can basically go around and pick on just anybody. Some lad thought that would be a good idea recently in Las Vegas.

In a video that has since gone viral in the last couple of weeks, an unnamed black male can be seen repeatedly trying to walk away from a stranger on the Vegas strip. It’s not entirely clear why the older gentleman in the video keeps harassing this man, but according to comments online, the bully allegedly started harassing the man’s 18-year-old friend first, and spit in his face. He then decided to go after this guy, too. Bad idea.

The video starts off by showing this bully continuously following and yelling obscenities at the much younger black male. Apparently, getting knocked out once isn’t enough to stop this guy’s drunken tirade, it takes him being knocked out unconscious for the bullying to stop.

Watch a bully get knocked out TWICE:

Featured image via screen capture from You Tube

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