WATCH: This Little Girl Has Zero F*cks To Give About This Homophobic Street Preacher’s Rant

Sometimes, bravery comes in the smallest of packages.

While attending ComFest in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday — a celebration after the SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality — Zea, a first-grader, showed defiance and composure when she faced down a street preacher wielding a sign saying, “Jesus Saves from Hell.”

The preacher begins by warning that the world only offers “heartbreak” and “divorce” while Jesus offers love and salvation. Throughout his rant, Zea, the little girl, stands up to him, holding out the rainbow flag as if to tell him that his words had no effect on her or anyone else.

As the rant progresses, the preacher becomes visibly less comfortable, showing the power of her wordless rebuke.

Towards the end of the video, she’s offered high-fives from passers-by, who are rightly cheering her on. The pastor, meanwhile, slinks away — he continues his rant, but she’s pulled the wind from his sails.

Watch the video, below:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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