WATCH: This Is The Video To Show The Racism Denier In Your Life (VIDEOS)

We have all had the “debate.” That argument that tends to come up at parties, family gatherings, social media or anywhere people of various political stripes are forced together. The argument has one side pointing out various cases of racism, both individual and institutional. And another side claiming that “racism doesn’t exist.” Or that racism may have been a problem in the past, but not today. After all, we did sign that civil rights act and we have a black President, right?

This is the video to show the people of the latter group. It’s a short one, under two minutes. But in that short time, just about everything ugly about American racism can be seen. The video shows an “experiment” where a white guy and a black guy both attempt to break into a car. The white guy is doing it for over 30 minutes. In that time he is observed by scores of people, including a police officer who pulls up then drives on, not even questioning the man using a slim jim (a professional break in tool) to get into a sedan parked on the street.

Then the black man tries. And within two minutes – that’s right just two minutes, the cops are called by an onlooker and the police arrive. Their guns are drawn and they immediately arrest him.

It is undeniable proof of the racism that permeates our society.

Watch HERE:

Of course, after showing that video to a racism denier, they will probably cry about it being an “isolated incident” or some sort of staged set up. It isn’t, but just for good measure show ’em this video from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” that aired in 2010;


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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