Watch This Dad Using Food Stamps Tell A Poor-Shaming A-Hole Where To Go (VIDEO)

If you’ve never been the working poor you may not understand just what it feels like. Pulling out your EBT card only to have anyone anywhere near you immediately start taking inventory of what they now feel like they’re buying you is horrifying. Knowing that the guy with the eagle on his hat and the Gadsden flag bumper sticker is carefully considering taking that ground beef and chicken breast since lazy freeloaders should live off of Banquet meals and En-Cor Salisbury steaks.

This young dad is already explaining to a woman in line at Walmart (first red flag) that he puts in 50 hours a week and that he’s just trying to provide for his family when the woman goes into a diatribe about he doesn’t provide for his family, she does. She’s the one who sacrifices herself so benevolently so his kid can have cereal. She pays her taxes, don’t you know, and she’s sick and tired of paying all that money for those freeloaders.

The young man finally just gets fed up with her and tells her where to go and what to do when she gets there. He turns it into a lesson in futility for the woman, whose ignorance by this point has gone far past the level of “people of Walmart” and straight into a Ted Cruz campaign rally. She even calls him a “Bernie Supporter.”

He handles it OK, but it’s a damned shame it had to happen at all. Especially since you just know the woman furnishing her classy taxpayer home with a cheesy lamp from Walmart isn’t exactly financially independent. Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture


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