Watch These Kids Explain Why Harriet Tubman Is Going To Be On The $20 Bill (VIDEO)

Harriet Tubman is going to be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill. Republicans have been having fits all day, with Ben Carson even suggesting that she should be put on the $2 dollar bill instead.

Conservatives may not be capable of comprehending why Tubman deserves this honor, but the children in this video have a firm understanding of who she was, what she did, and why she should grace the $20 dollar bill with her likeness.

In their tiny voices, these kids are able to explain just what an incredible woman Harriet Tubman truly was. “She helped people get out of slavery,” says one little boy. One by one, the children name Tubman’s extraordinary accomplishments. Although her work on the Underground Railroad was absolutely amazing, the last little girl in the video sees so much more in this woman’s history than just her fight against slavery.

Women have always been the underdog,” the little girl begins. “Everyone takes women as just some home mom. They take care of your children and that’s all they do. And I think women are worth a lot more than that.

Watch this video for yourself. It will ease your mind that even if right-wing lawmakers can’t grasp the concept of why Harriet Tubman deserves to be on the $20 bill, at least our children can, which means there is still hope.

Featured image via video screen capture

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