Watch: That Amazing Time When Veterans Called Out Cruz and Palin

Politicians love using veterans for political props as much as they love pretending to be working class heroes. But since chicken sh*t hawks love it when some middle-class parent’s kid does the fighting to fatten their defense portfolios, it’s important to expose them as such whenever humanly possible. However, it’s even better when actual veterans do it at live events being put on by two of the most repugnant republicans and opportunists on the planet. Better still, when they’re unaware of it. I’m referring, of course, to Ted Cruz and snow grifter Sarah Palin.

Perhaps you recall these two pieces of pig excrement cynically using the Million Vet March in Washington, which happened during the government shutdown of 2013, as a staging point for a cheesy photo-op. Further, these two rabble-rousing exploiters of the terminally ignorant had the gall to turn a movement honoring vets into a way to hijack the event for their own political gains. The vets didn’t take to kindly to it.

Watch below:


H/T: ForwardProgressives|Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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