Watch: Study Proves Women Are Not Allowed To Be Angry — EVER (Video)

Science, you are a fickle friend indeed. Rebecca Watson recently blogged about a study on people’s reactions to emotions displayed by men and women. As part of a Psychology Ph.D. thesis, researchers decided to look into the well understood, yet often disputed, fact that women are not allowed to be angry. Ever, for any reason, and if they are then they are “stupid.”

Ok, it doesn’t prove that women are considered to be “stupid,” but it does clearly indicate that our ability to sway a person with any argument, while displaying emotion, is reduced to non-existent.

It will be interesting to see if anyone will attempt to replicate this study, because it honestly, is an affirmation that women are actually not able to show emotions like men are. That is at least they are not able to show emotions without making it worse for themselves.

Here is Rebecca’s take on the matter, courtesy of YouTube: 


Feature image via Wikimedia Commons

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