Watch: Small Kid Finally Stands Up To His ‘Much Bigger Bully’ Who Wouldn’t Stop Tormenting Him (VIDEO)

A small kid was being picked on in the lunch room by a much bigger student who kept tormenting him and saying things like:

You’re too fat to wear that!

The bully wouldn’t leave him alone, and walked over to his side of the table – basically instigating a fight – so he felt like he had no choice but to stick up for himself.

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What’s surprising is… the smaller kid remained cool, calm, and collected – something most kids don’t have the ability to do when put in these kinds of situations. He took a moment to remove some of his clothes before delivering a right-hand jab hook straight to the bully’s face.

While violence is not always the answer, it must be noted that as soon as the bully hit the floor, the smaller kid got off of him and walked away.

Think this bully will ever pick on another smaller kid again?

Watch this kid finally stand up to his bully:

H/T: Live Leak | Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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