WATCH: Sister Of Dennis Hastert’s Victim Reveals Her Brother’s Sexual Abuse Story (VIDEO)

I realize that a great many of you can no longer endure any more sordid sex scandals. In fact, there are now more Republican-related sexual abuse stories than  Law & Orders that they just might have to do to a Law & Order: Special Republican Victims Unit. That or just rename the GOP the Grand Old Pedophiles.

While the media focus has mostly been on the seemingly never-ending sordid details of the Josh Duggar saga, Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert looks to be getting breathing room. Well, no longer and freaking rightfully so!

In an exclusive interview for ABC News, the sister of one of Dennis Hastert’s sex abuse victims bravely spoke out and publicly identified her brother, Steve Reinboldt, as one of the young men sexually abused by the former GOP Speaker of the House.


PHOTO: Dennis Hastert, top right, and Steve Reinboldt, bottom right, shown in the 1970 Yorkville High School yearbook wrestling team photo. Image via screengrab on Photo credit: Jolene Reinbolt / Yorkville High School Yearbook

It seems that the various incidences of sexual abuse happened while Reinboldt was a high school student and equipment manager for the Yorkville High wrestling team. Dennis Hastert, who was the wrestling coach at the time, actually  referred to Reinboldt as his “great right hand man” in a 1970 High School Yearbook entry. We don’t want to know what he meant by “great” and “right-hand man,” but just ew. Even more sickening, however, are the revelations that Hastert blatanly lied to the FBI and violated federal banking laws, all in order to conceal a whopping $3.5 million worth of hush money for other apparent abuses.

Watch the ABC Exclusive Interview below:


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