Watch: Sick Teen Throws Helpless Blind Dog Over High Fence While His Friends Laugh (VIDEO)

An 18-year-old Israeli teen may be facing stiff charges after animal rights groups became outraged following a video of him throwing a helpless dog over a high wall surfaced on Facebook.

Israeli teen throwing helpless dog over high fence while his friends laugh.

Israeli teen throwing helpless dog over high fence while his friends laugh. Image: Screen Shot from Facebook video

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The footage of Itamar Ochayon from Kfar Saba shows the teen and his friends hanging out in a backyard garden, sitting on a couch and simply enjoying their day. An elderly, blind dog is seen peacefully sitting near the group of teens. What happened next may be hard to watch, especially for animal lovers.

Unprovoked, Itmar is seen grabbing the helpless dog and throwing her over a high wall. What’s more shocking is that his friends filmed the animal brutality and are heard laughing uncontrollably.

After the video quickly went viral on social media networks, animal rights groups immediately created online petitions urging local authorities to pursue a stiff penalty against the “heartless teen.”

Several petitions have already received thousands of signatures. Animal Petitions by already has 8,920 signatures but needs 10,000. The statement from Animal Petitions by states,

Please sign this petition and urge local authorities to pursue a stiff penalty against this heartless teen. Only an appropriate disciplinary measure will be able to educate such people. Given the clear link between those who harm animals and those who harm humans, it is imperative that this case ends with a stiff punishment! According to current Israeli laws, the mistreatment of animals is punishable with up to three years in jail!

Take action now and demand justice for Lola! Sign the Petition here.

Following the global outrage from animal rights groups and the general public, police were quick to respond. Local authorities identified and booked the suspect, and were able to confirm that the dog named Lola, escaped injured.

The teen was booked and later released on house arrest pending a formal investigation. Itmar issued an apology on Instagram, and then made his account private, following a plethora of public shaming comments. In his apology, the 18-year-old claimed he had too much alcohol to drink before the incident and that he is planning to volunteer for an animal welfare organization to make up for his terrible error in judgement.

The results of the full investigation are expected to be released later this week. Until then, the suspect will stay under house arrest.

Watch video here.

Featured image via Facebook

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