WATCH: Road Rage Incident Could Have Ended Very Differently If This Angry Man Had A Gun (VIDEO)

A viral video from a few days ago provides a great reminder that it’s a good thing that some people don’t carry guns.

The video, shot in Arizona, involves a road rage incident, where a driver completely loses his cool because of something a motorcyclist did. Apparently the motorcyclist had been “lane splitting.” a practice, which is legal in many places, but not in Arizona, where motorcyclists drive on the lines, between lanes of traffic. So, from square one, the motorcyclist was in the wrong. But that didn’t mean that the other driver was in the right.

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The man, who apparently became angry because he felt that the lane splitting biker had cut him off, comes at the motorcyclist and begins hitting him. In the end, the man gets the worst of the deal, as he winds up on the ground, being held down by the motorcyclist, who manages to mostly keep his cool throughout.

But what would this have looked like had the man had a gun? Maybe he did, and maybe he had enough of his wits about him that he wisely left it in the car. But everything about this incident suggests that if the man had a gun at his disposal, he likely would have produced it.

“Oh, come on now, you’re really reaching with this argument,” you might be saying, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest guns and road rage don’t mix.

Writing for Slate, psychologist Laura L. Hayes says that our country’s biggest problem is with uncontrolled anger. And uncontrolled anger with a deadly weapon at hand is a very bad combination. In 2013, AOL Autos proclaimed the road rage and guns combination to be the “No. 1 problem on [the] road.”

According to the comment accompanying the YouTube video, the man, who police believed was under the influence of something, is facing multiple charges. Fortunately for him, one of them is not murder, or attempted murder.

As you watch this video, imagine what it might have looked like had the man jumped out of his car with a gun.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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