WATCH: Racists Threaten To Murder ‘Half-Breed F*ggot N*gger,’ Cops Refuse To Act (VIDEO)

A man on a public bus just wanted to go to work without any hassles.  His morning didn’t go as planned.

According to his statement in a video uploaded to YouTube, two racist a$$holes harassed him for more than 20 minutes, threatening to murder him.

He recorded the last minute of the encounter, where one of the men clearly threatens him with bodily harm.  The other man, already off the bus, can be heard calling him a “half-breed f*ggot n*gger.”

The man says he called the police, who refused to act because the men were “exercising their first amendment rights.”  One of the men can be heard name-dropping a police officer who he must consider a friend.

The first amendment protects the freedom of speech.  That means the men being ignorant jerks is their right under the constitution.  It doesn’t mean they get to threaten him, which is caught on video.  They certainly don’t get to threaten to murder him.

The bus driver comes to the man’s defense and tells the bigots to get off the bus and a woman behind them can be heard defending him as well.

The actions of these men are reprehensible in every way, and obviously amounts to nothing less than a hate crime.  There is no excuse for police to not intervene on his behalf.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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