WATCH: Racist’s Barrage Of Abuse To Black Nurse ‘You Are Less Than Human In My Eyes’ (VIDEO)

Once again we are reminded that racism is a mental disease. A Finnish woman, in broken and abusive English, is caught on camera by a Kenyan nurse whom she accosted on the street for nothing more than the crime of being an African woman.

When the nurse asks why she is being attacked so viciously, the bitch doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that this is racially motivated hate speech because she is African, and according to this poisonous creature that makes the nurse “less than human”:

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I am Finnish! You are a f*cking African woman, you are nothing, less than zero. You are not even Human, in my eyes!

Most racists at least pretend that they are not really attacking others just because of their skin tone, they have some “facts” or “research” that shows that certain people are just less than others. This loser, however, give zero f*cks and proves to be the the purest kind of white supremacist. It doesn’t matter that the Kenyan woman is a nurse, a life-saver and productive member of society, because she is African.

Though the location of this is unknown, this kind of unmitigated bullsh*t  is why we can’t have nice things, it needs to end.

Watch the horrifying and damning video here:


Feature image via RT

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