WATCH: Racist Cop Crashes Pool Party, Handcuffs And Brutalizes The Black Kids (VIDEO)

This tough guy cop would be hilarious to watch if the end result wasn’t a bunch of innocent kids in handcuffs.

He rushes onto the scene, doing a ridiculous tuck and roll as he falls, returning to action to handle the dastardly teens. The white kid who is filming (who is never approached or asked to leave), has to pick up the flashlight the enthusiastic racist drops and return it to him.

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As the crowd disperses, the eager little man starts grabbing black kids and throwing them to the ground, explaining in a raised voice that even though everyone ran, they got caught so now they have to pay.

The first group of kids thrown to the ground are all black males.

Tough guy then starts yelling at a group of black girls, telling them they have to leave. They are doing nothing wrong. (Keep in mind that the white kid filming the debacle is apparently invisible.) When the girls refuse, because they aren’t violating any laws, one of them ends up face first in the grass with both of the hero’s knees in her back and on her neck.

The YouTube video says the incident began when a racist mom started an argument with a black woman. There were no weapons involved, just a bunch of kids, both black and white, all wearing bathing suits and carrying towels.

Apparently towels carried by black kids are far more dangerous.

UPDATE: The police officer filmed being a jerk has been placed on administrative leave.

Watch: Racist cop crashes  a pool party, arrests a bunch of black kids for nothing.

Featured image via video screen capture


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