WATCH: Rachel Maddow Shames Maker Of Orlando Shooter’s Gun For This SADISTIC Commercial (VIDEO)

On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the host once again focused on Sunday’s  horrific mass shooting which claimed the lives of 49 innocent people at the Pulse LGBT nightclub in Orlando. It is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history and the largest act of terror since 9/11.

Maddow focused on how the shooter could have managed to slip by security with a long military style assault rifle:

RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): As long as people weren’t being frisked or walked through a metal detector it’s not that hard to understand how a person could get a handgun and spare bullets and even spare ammunition magazines for a rifle, how you could get those things smuggled into a nightclub. How do you get the rifle into the nightclub with nobody noticing? Full-size assault-style military-style rifle, how do you get that in?

Maddow also corrected a common mistake that many made in covering the story, regarding the type of gun used in the attack. Early news reports listed the shooter’s weapon as an AR-15, which is also the most popular semi-automatic rifle sold in the U.S.

The AR-15 was used in several high-profile mass shootings such as a community center San Bernardino, California, the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, a movie theatre in Aura, Colorado, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

However, the weapon used in the Orlando attack was not an AR-15, but rather a similar variant called a Sig Sauer MCX.

Maddow took a look at the gun manufacturer’s advertising campaign for this now notorious firearm, and the imagery was shocking:

Now, though, that logistical question about how somebody could get a rifle, a long gun into a nightclub, it may be at least partially answered because we now know that this assault-style rifle was one of these. It’s called a Sig Sauer MCX. And I’m going to show you a clip of how Sig Sauer markets this particular rifle.

And I will warn you, if you’re sensitive to gun imagery in particular, this video this advertisement is a little disturbing given what we now know about how this rifle, this particular model of rifle, was just used inside that nightclub. But I actually think that — I’m sort of willing to risk it being disturbing, because I think it’s helpful to see. It’s helpful to understanding part of the logistics of what just happened and how this killer pulled it off, because of the particular features of this particular gun, including that Sig Sauer brags about in this advertisement. Here’s the gun ad, watch.

Maddow explained how the commercial went out of its way to highlight the weapon’s “portability.”

When they say “short”, they’re not talking about the length of the barrel. They’re talking about the back half of the gun, they’re talking about the part of the gun that goes against your shoulder. See, they’ve got that little graphic there to indicate a folding stock. They sell this gun with all sorts of different attachments and all sorts of different ways you can configure it. But one of the things they brag on is that it comes with a folding stock.

The segment was a wake-up call for many Americans as to how the U.S. firearms industry markets it’s death toys in the same manner that cigarette companies used to sell tobacco.

America is probably a very long way from treating weapons like these with the same amount of contempt as cigarettes. However, public concern is rising as is the annual death toll from gun violence.

Featured image Screengrab via .YouTube.

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