WATCH: President Obama Humiliates The GOP For Letting Our Nation Go To Shambles (VIDEO)

In a press conference from Camp David, (which means conservatives will accuse him of being on vacation), President Obama laid into congressional Republicans for standing in the way of rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges.

“This did not used to be a partisan issue,” the President said, “This is how we grow. This is how America became an economic superpower.”

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The president is of course referring to the Republicans gutting funding for Amtrak just hours after a train derailed, killing eight people. They defended their actions by claiming that taking funding from our railways would “spark innovation.”

Innovation is a wonderful idea, but when our bridges are failing because they’re 100-years-old there’s definitely more at stake than trying to make Amtrak think of new ideas. As it is our rail system is completely archaic compared to the rest of the civilized world.

Kudos to the president for calling out these numbskulls who won’t spend a dime unless it’s going to their buddies on Wall Street, Big Oil or the Pharmaceutical company CEO who takes half of his company’s research and development budget as his salary.

Watch President Obama berate the GOP for their refusal to spend money on infrastructure.


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